Thursday, August 02, 2018

Proposal: Deal With the Devil

became unpopular 5 to 1. Failed by Derrick

Adminned at 03 Aug 2018 15:45:27 UTC

add the following rule:

If a Mortal has health points greater than zero, they may decide to make a “deal with the devil”, declared in the GNDT. They will obtain DICE10 Energy, in exchange for DICE10 health subtracted. If their health goes below zero as a result, their health is set to zero.

It is plausible more deals with the devil are added, in which case someone may change this to “First deal with the devil”.



08-02-2018 18:13:51 UTC


I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name of the action or the degree of randomness in it (remember super tasks), but the mechanic of trading health for energy feels sound.


08-02-2018 18:28:55 UTC

the hard part about supertask is that you have to set some kind of limit, otherwise they could try trading 1,000,000 times. This prevents it due to possible death prevent you from trading that many times.


08-03-2018 01:25:42 UTC



08-03-2018 03:32:09 UTC

This concept seems okay at first. Each die roll for HP subtracts at minimum 1 HP, which means you can only do this action from default at most 100 times. I think there lies a problem, if someone were to declare this action done 50 times, they’d ultimately have to roll it 50 times in the GNDT. Maybe for this dynasty we need a mechanic to simulate rolling lots of dice (if the Mortals do want to encourage dice for this dynasty that is)
against for now, if you wanted to do a more simple HP -> EP that’d be fine by me.


08-03-2018 07:56:13 UTC

against Per card. I suspect dice are fine in the sense of tending towards infinity - I can roll DICE10 an infinite number of times and declare the total to be infinity - but we definitely need a rule to clarify how we handle infinity within the context of a game variable. (Ideally something intuitive and gamelike, so we all understand it - maybe if you can provably get a stat above 10,000 then you can flip it to be “infinity” and it now behaves like a resource which never decreases when spent.)


08-03-2018 13:31:27 UTC


The GNDT doesn’t handle 5DICE10, now does it?


08-03-2018 15:41:55 UTC