Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear People of Sommerset,

I know this seems crazy. Mabye it is. If I had thought about this longer, mabye I would not have done so. But I am upset. Really upset. So crazy actions are caused.

Yesterday night, lots of my friends (and even Commoners, whom I don‘t like really because of economy issues) and I tried to steal back the Resources from the Mad Prince, he has once stolen from us. I have even made debts to invent a new Armor. We calculated we need to be 8 Commoners or more to crush down the Guards. And we thought we were 8 Commoners.

We were not.

One Commoner decided last minute to stay at home. I do not want to blame Lordcooper here, so I will not tell you his name ;) Instead, I am peeved at the Mad Prince. think we should hold together and fight against him and his armies. I will definitely raid this week. I hope other Commoners will help me.

But there are other things to do. Lots of armies are hidden in England’s Counties. I cannot know where they are. In Counties, where no army is hidden, we should attempt to liberate the people living there. This is the only way (for now) to fight back! I will show you that it is possible. I know there is an army in Dorset, so I went to Sommerset.

I am Liberating Sommerset.

If I am luckier than yesterday night, you should be free. I do not want you to pay me much Resources for this attempt. Just feel free and live free. Liberty is the most important right we (should) have. Of course, I am not that selfless. I take revenge. The Prince will wonder about this.

Sincerely yours,

Sir Keba.

The image above is taken from Wikipedia: and is in public domain. Let my quote wikipedia: “This image is in the public domain because its copyright has expired in the United States and those countries with a copyright term of no more than the life of the author plus 100 years.” I know it would be nicer, if I loaded the image on this server instead of deeplinking, but I do not know whether this is possible.

I know this is a high risk. I have a 20% chance of failing. But I am really upset.



03-15-2010 16:07:51 UTC

It seems Somerset is safe, and slips you some Coal in gratitude