Friday, March 02, 2007

Debate on Motion to add Political Affiliation to voting Amnistar 17:54, 1 Mar 2007 (GMT)

To possibly make things easier when calculating voting results.



03-03-2007 03:20:17 UTC

This seems more abusable than anything. I really fail to see the point. Maybe its just me.


03-03-2007 06:39:41 UTC

The point is to make it easier for people to calculate votes under the party leader power rule.  If people put their party name in their vote, you know who is the leader of parties, etc.


03-03-2007 16:06:38 UTC

Only leaders would have to put their names. Non-leaders who vote are not affected by the party leader power rule.


03-03-2007 16:53:29 UTC

right, but if they put their own party up there then when counting votes you can check to see how many people are in the party, then you can subtract the number of people with that party that voted.


03-04-2007 22:49:20 UTC

Debate closed