Friday, June 29, 2007

Debt Consolidation

By my calculations, Bucky didn’t do the multiply-by-1.1 thing for those players with negative Cash just after advancing time.  To be fair, the Ruleset doesn’t state that it’s his responsibility.  I’ve made the changes myself, but feel free to comment or CfJ if you disagree.

Update:  Never mind, I’m just sleep-deprived.  Bucky explained his calculations and Chronos reverted my mistake.



29-06-2007 14:22:09 UTC

I did do the multiply-by-1.1 thing.  To quote the GNDT logs:

  Clucky’s Cash = -$52M (was -$47M)

  Chronos’s Cash = -$54M (was -$49M)

  BobTHJ’s Cash = -$36M (was -$33M)


29/06 12:38 (UTC) - Brendan
  Clucky’s Cash = -$57M (was -$52M)
(As per debt-multiplication, which I don’t believe Bucky carried out.)

  Chronos’s Cash = -$59M (was -$54M)

  BobTHJ’s Cash = -$40M (was -$36M)


29-06-2007 15:57:09 UTC

I’m reverting my cash back to $54. Please CfJ if you disagree.

Brendan: he/him

29-06-2007 18:32:10 UTC

Aha, I completely missed that.  My apologies.