Sunday, June 20, 2021

Proposal: Decisions, decisions

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 22 Jun 2021 09:30:00 UTC

In the rule Richardo’s Journey, after the text “noise is heard from the Crypt whenever a Power Action is taken or the Crypt is Entered”, add “and the time of the last noise to be heard from the crypt may be publicly tracked”.

Add a new rule to the ruleset as a subrule of Richardo’s Journey, called Richardo’s Lessons, with the following text:

Richardo von Nestor has a set of Lessons that he has learned through his experiences in the Crypt. Richardo’s Lessons are tracked in a list at the end of this rule.

When the Crypt Settles, if Richardo von Nestor was Grievously Injured during this Enter the Crypt action, then he may Learn a new Lesson. Any step of the Entering the Crypt action in which an outcome is determined by a number being randomly generated is referred to as a Choice. When Richardo Learns a new Lesson, he may identify one Choice that he took during that Enter the Crypy action that led to his being Greviously Injured, and its outcome; he is encouraged to pick the Choice that most causitively led to the Grievous Injury being enacted upon him. This choice must then be recorded in the list of lessons at the end of this rule.

A Lesson is applicable when a Choice being made is identical to a Choice described in a Lesson. When Richardo von Nestor is making a Choice as part of a Move during an Enter the Crypt action, the options to be randomly selected from always omit those named in an applicable Lesson, unless that would result in there being no valid options.

When moving from the Entrance Vestibule, moving to the Shattered Stairway leads to Grievous Injury.

In the Enter the Crypt atomic action, after the bullet point that says “Reduce his Energy by 1”, add a new bullet point with the following text:

** Evaluate whether any of the Lessons that Richardo has learned might be applicable to any step in this Move. If they are then they should be applied where appropriate.

Starting to make Richardo’s movements more transparently logical



20-06-2021 15:08:13 UTC


Raven1207: he/they

20-06-2021 18:11:29 UTC


Kevan: City he/him

20-06-2021 19:01:45 UTC

Why not just say “the most recent choice” and let him live with any weird superstitions that might emerge from that?

Not a fan of relocking the Staircase a day after someone paid to unlock it.


Josh: he/they

20-06-2021 19:06:54 UTC

@Kevan I like “most recent choice” and would be up for an amend along those lines

Making a room in F5 sidesteps the stairway though so I’m not too worried about the bottleneck

Janet: she/her

21-06-2021 04:03:57 UTC



21-06-2021 14:38:39 UTC



21-06-2021 18:59:22 UTC


Josh: he/they

21-06-2021 19:02:13 UTC

What’s with the quiet AGAINST votes, Phil and pokes?

Clucky: he/him

21-06-2021 20:44:35 UTC

against this feels like it’ll make it a pain to understand what Richardo will do, which will only help people already putting time into this game at the expense of making it less approachable for people who haven’t been able to put as much time into it

lemon: she/her

21-06-2021 20:45:06 UTC


Josh: he/they

22-06-2021 09:29:27 UTC

against s/k per Clucky; I might take another pass at this later as I do like the idea of Richardo’s movement being more logical than random, but I agree that in practice this is going to be unwieldy and difficult to read.