Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Declaration of Victory: Declaration of Victory

Failed by AG after 48 hours.

Adminned at 01 Dec 2005 11:32:15 UTC

As we are in an age of End of Days now, and I have the most powerful avatar (70) and i changed my prophecy to End of Days in the last Age, I declare victory.



29-11-2005 00:14:31 UTC

for Next Dynasty, I’d like to have a Locations rule. We haven’t had one for 6 Dynasties.


29-11-2005 00:22:07 UTC

imperial COV. You didn’t actually change the Cities Wiki, or the GNDT, or the Deity Wiki. Once they have actually been updated I’ll vote For again.


29-11-2005 00:43:44 UTC

against I think there was a problem with one your last batch of actions, and you don’t have an avatar any more.

By the way, you could edit this to use the Declaration of Victory category—same as one sets the Proposal category.


29-11-2005 00:48:31 UTC

I do too have an avatar: it had 270 Life points.  I used rocket ship of doom, which put it up to 370.  then i spent 300 of that, bringing it down to 70.

And I did update the wikis.


29-11-2005 00:51:34 UTC

for COV.


29-11-2005 01:10:14 UTC

for  I think I still have to explicitly vote

Angry Grasshopper:

29-11-2005 01:50:28 UTC

Smith, the Wiki history says that ‘The One Who Kills’ has an avatar with 270 LP, so it seems like his avatar doesn’t die during all of the effects.

You may search it out yourself, of course, but here is the link:

Some link

Your papers seem to be in order.


29-11-2005 05:58:11 UTC

for Yay!


29-11-2005 10:35:14 UTC

I still think Cayvie’s papers are not in order: Lemon Zinger did not have Global Worship >= Global Might. Exertion is a City Might Component.

Somebody will win during this End of Days, but I think it is still up for grabs.


29-11-2005 12:18:34 UTC

smith: write a CfJ.  It’s the easiest way, I think.


29-11-2005 14:02:13 UTC

against COV. Smith’s right about the city might thingy. Also, that would mean that it is still Innocence, so the End of days won’t really occur until Ragnarok Call activates.


29-11-2005 17:36:57 UTC



29-11-2005 20:05:27 UTC

Actually my win is not legal.  Lemon Zinger is illegal because any power with Exertion must also have the Immanence effect.

Though I have noticed tons of rulebreaking slipping through this dynasty (such as Chronos creating multiple temples to himself with the same power on the same day)


29-11-2005 23:33:05 UTC

this dynasty is extra-prone to that because of the hard-to-edit-and-track wiki pages.

Whoever wins: we have a GNDT.  we can even have multiple GNDTs if need be—it wouldn’t be that hard to set up.  we have a ruleset.  We don’t need a wiki for every single thing.

that is all.


30-11-2005 03:20:52 UTC

I like the idea of using multiple GNDT tables.


30-11-2005 12:32:08 UTC

Cayvie, my actions of creating templeswere not illegal, since all powers that do so target specific different cities.

I issued a double CfJ sooner this dynasty to clarify that and both sides failed. So, my actions were not illegal. And, if you disagree, you can always raise a CfJ to that effect.


30-11-2005 18:43:46 UTC

Deities may use the Powers of eir Incarnation at any time - however, a single Power may never be used on a particular Deity or Incarnation more than often. This includes creating, destroying or modifying Temples to that Incarnation, or Avatars of that Incarnation, or Cities founded by that Incarnation. In addition, the same Power may not be used to affect targets in the same City more than often.


01-12-2005 07:22:12 UTC

against CoV.  No point in stepping in as hiatus waits for the CfJs anyway.


01-12-2005 07:24:29 UTC

Ooh, it doesn’t.  that’s really the wrong way around.


01-12-2005 17:22:23 UTC

yes, that’d be a good fix

Angry Grasshopper:

01-12-2005 19:31:33 UTC

Forty-eight hours have passed. I rule the DoV illegal and fail it.