Sunday, October 29, 2006

Call for Judgment: Declaration of Victory: Rigged DICE



Adminned at 01 Nov 2006 10:34:40 UTC

I guess I’d better be the one to write this up.

Before I went idle a couple of dynasties ago, I proposed to outlaw using the phrase “DlCE” to comments in the GNDT.  My recent DoV relies on this being sufficient to give the phrase “rolling DlCE” a specific meaning, using the phrase “DlCE” and dictating the result as if I had rolled real DICE.  However, I could see this going either way.

This CfJ is for those of you who disagree, or who believe that even if “rolling DlCE” does have that meaning it should not allow me to roll anything outside the original range.  Or you may have some complaint about my syntax.

If this CfJ passes, Bucky’s Beard Length shall be reset to 26.  Also, no Vegetable shall be permitted to use the same loophole to increase eir Beard Length by more than 3 per roll.  Should the Switch and Run that allowed this be undone due to Hiatus and re-done afterwards, the same restrictinos shall apply.

Quick edit:  It turns out it was also illegal because it was done during Hiatus.


Clucky: he/him

29-10-2006 23:16:50 UTC

I don’t get how the DlCE even works. The rule doesn’t say make a comment of “DlCE3:10000” or “DlCE10:0”, they say to make a comment of “DlCE3” which returns no value. I don’t mind “DlCE” roles, I just dislike them being used to generate any value cause being able to do so isn’t in the rules, is it?  for


30-10-2006 03:30:57 UTC



30-10-2006 06:14:44 UTC


Elias IX:

30-10-2006 13:03:59 UTC

Ewwww!!!!  against

Elias IX:

30-10-2006 13:04:15 UTC

Wait.. wrong, sorry.  for


30-10-2006 13:40:59 UTC


No idea what’s going on here.  Sure you’ve all got it under control though…


30-10-2006 13:58:38 UTC

Oh right.  I understand now.  I’m with Clucky.


30-10-2006 14:32:57 UTC



30-10-2006 18:18:38 UTC



30-10-2006 20:06:17 UTC

against Cov.

Elias IX:

31-10-2006 12:57:31 UTC