Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Through the careful attentions of my loyal Scribes, it has become clear that the current reflection of the True Ruleset is insufficiently horrifying. Fortunately, we have uncovered Rule 2.11 from the 108th archived Ruleset, “Deliberations.” Good luck!



13-07-2016 18:11:06 UTC

Someone will need to enable the deliberations category. I don’t know how to or if admins are able to do that? Do you need server level access to do that?

RaichuKFM: she/her

13-07-2016 18:23:50 UTC

Alternatively, we just rework them to use a different category, via Proposal.


13-07-2016 20:50:03 UTC

Story Post - Votable Matter maybe?


13-07-2016 21:02:32 UTC

I would prefer it to stay as is personally, but that would work if we need to. Kevan usually is around so he should be able to add it, I would think.

Clucky: he/him

13-07-2016 22:47:14 UTC

ugh why

I get that part of the fun of this dynasty is supposed to be pulling in a bunch of random rules, but this rule seems like it was used for a dynasty of a very specific flavor…


13-07-2016 23:09:34 UTC

This might have been a random rule, but it’s also possible that someone Mapped to it, most likely RaichuKFM.


13-07-2016 23:18:28 UTC

It can’t be random as several maps have been made and he is required to use them first.

RaichuKFM: she/her

14-07-2016 06:56:01 UTC

As I recall, there was a sentiment for keeping this rule entirely, at the time, though I’m not sure how popular of one.

Though, wait.

That was my AA. I forget if I decided not to do it or just forgot to write a line to keep it, actually.