Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Proposal: derrick’s actions

timed out 3-2 with 2 def votes

Adminned at 10 Aug 2018 15:48:00 UTC

Replace “The Reaper DICE50 is rolled for every Mortal” with “The Reaper rolls a DICE50 for every Mortal”

Add “Monolith” to the list of artifact names.

Append to “Status”

A Mortal may spend an amount of EP to add half of the spent amount to a Mortal with the same court as them.

When a mortal increases their age by X years, they are said to have “aged X years”.

Change “.5” to “5”

Create a rule named “Actions”

A Mortal may take any of the following actions:

;Meditate: Age 10 years and increase your EP by 2^X, where X is the number of artifacts with a type of mystic you have access to. Mystics gain double EP.
;Search: Age 5 years to gain access an artifact with the same court as you no other mortal has access to. Scholars may instead age 2 years.
;Steal: reduce your HP by 20 and gain access to an artifact with the same court as you that is accessed by a mortal with few HP than you. They no longer have access to the artifact. Warriors may instead reduce their HP by 10.
;Serve: Age 10 years and increase your Karma by 1.



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08-08-2018 15:08:06 UTC

Deferring on this proposal is the same as FOR-ing it, no?


08-08-2018 15:56:35 UTC


Yes, but deferring says “Whatever, I don’t really support this, but I don’t oppose it either.”

In my case, I like most of it, but I’m very torn on the gifting mechanism.


08-08-2018 20:45:41 UTC

against There’s a lot of accessing going on here without a definition of access


08-08-2018 20:53:24 UTC


we don’t have a formal definition of access, but we do have an implied one. A bigger problem is I just realized we aren’t TRACKING access.


08-08-2018 21:09:17 UTC

If the implied definitions diverge, we could run ourselves into real trouble.


08-09-2018 14:47:27 UTC

arg. All right.