Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Descension Address

While the living are running from the Infected, Darth opens the door to a building. Everyone runs in, and they find themselves in the busy streets of New York City, with people everywhere.

Darth: Oh… crap… it was that door…

yuri: What!? The apocalypse never happened!?

Darth: Yeah, pretty much.

Josh: But I believe that the ancient Sumerian gods came to destroy us! I wouldn’t believe that in a non-apocalypse scenario!

Darth: No comment…

arth: And I hunger for the flesh of the living!!!

Darth: Once again, no comment…

Bucky: And DK is dead!

Darth: Oh yeah. That. {walks over to DK} WAKE UP, DK!

{DK wakes up}

DK: Huh? What? I’m alive?

Darth: I still can’t believe you all actually fell for it. It was basic special effects. But we did have to hire a phew psychiatrists to hypnotize you.

{Dr. Melon walks in}

Dr. M: What? Is it my cue?

Darth: Yeah. Make the cultists go back to their regular religions, and make the zombies eat normal food again.

{Dr. M pulls out a hypno-wheel}

Darth: Is that honestly how you hypnotize people?

Dr. M: Yeah.

{Dr. M hypnotizes everyone}

Darth: Okay, now we just need that cameraman to fly everyone back to their respective homes.

{Cameraman walks in, everyone gets in the Cessna 500, and the Cessna flies off into the sunset}

Thanks for playing! See you next dynasty!



10-07-2009 03:08:32 UTC

LOL well played. Makes me think that a Descension address would make a nice touch to the end of a dynasty.


10-07-2009 03:10:54 UTC

Darn cat cut me off lol. Ya make it seem like each dynasty has been a world behind a door in the main hub of alternate universes.

Ienpw III:

10-07-2009 03:15:11 UTC

Lol @ DK
Also, getting a *little* ahead of ourselves, darth?


10-07-2009 03:15:46 UTC

I had been planning this since the dynasty begun. The introduction of the Cult stuff and Dr. Melon were added later, however.


10-07-2009 03:17:48 UTC

@Yuri: Lol, to be honest thats a RL belief of mine so it makes Nomic dynasties interesting.


10-07-2009 03:18:15 UTC

Posted at the same time as yuri.

@yuri: No, it’s coming to an end VERY VERY VERY soon.


10-07-2009 03:18:54 UTC

Posted at the same time as DK.

Ienpw III:

10-07-2009 03:22:00 UTC

Dr Melon should become a blognomician stock character.

DK: Alternate universes are cool. I want to enter the one where I am His Most Supreme and Divine Imperial Majesty Emperor yuri_dragon_17 the First, Ruler of All That Is, and where people recognize my title.


10-07-2009 03:24:52 UTC

Lol, and somewhere else you have that title but your an albino talking hippo.


10-07-2009 03:27:17 UTC

*Thinks for a sec* Hmmm… this sounds like a good dynasty idea. And given that I saw the ep of Family Guy with alt universe travel I’m liking the idea even more lol

Ienpw III:

10-07-2009 03:30:35 UTC

Pft. Family Guy. The Simpsons (old and very recent episodes) are way better.

Ienpw III:

10-07-2009 03:31:33 UTC



10-07-2009 03:52:27 UTC

Lol, hell I’d visit that now that I think about it.