Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Proposal: The UN (again)

Reaches quorum against, 1-4. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 17 Aug 2017 21:03:36 UTC

Under “Dynastic Rules” add section “UN”, with the text:

The United Nations and all CIC’s votes on United Nations matters are tracked on the “United Nations” wikipage. The default Leader of each Bloc is the CIC in the Bloc with the most esteem. This can be changed by a CIC’s blog post in the category “Story Post—Votable Matter” stating a new Leader in the same Bloc as the postin CIC which gets a majority of votes from CIC’s in the same Bloc as the poster. A UN matter is enacted if it has gotten a majority of votes. The amount of votes a CIC can use is the IE of the CIC plus the number of Politicians a CIC has. UN Matters include:

  • An achievement of victory by a player, when they set up a World Government under their control.

Other UN Matters and what a Leader does is deliberately left ambiguous.



16-08-2017 10:31:03 UTC

for There are still many ambiguous loose ends here to tie up but I like the idea.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

16-08-2017 11:10:22 UTC

against The “gotten a majority of votes” stuff is still too ambiguous. I get a general feel for what this is intending, which would be fine for a minor game mechanic, but this is directly wiring itself into a victory condition.

Casual reference to the “amount of votes a CIC can use” also seems likely to be scammable in other voting contexts. (Can I also use 28 votes on CfJs and DoVs?)


17-08-2017 10:01:39 UTC

against CoV in favor of Kevan’s version; I’d rather figure out how voting works first for UN matters and then start adding victory or elections on top of that.


17-08-2017 16:39:31 UTC


derrick: he/him

17-08-2017 20:48:00 UTC