Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Diary Entry - 05/27 Rodlen

Well, my search of the crates came up with some good things.  Some more microwavable meals.  A few snacks as well.  Frying pan.  A few assorted tools.  Some of that “Bonk!” energy drink.  A first aid kit.  I also found some old computer games.  Also, I found someone called “yuri_dragon_17” hiding in a crate, doing creepy things.  That was an…interesting...experience.

However, the most interesting thing I found was a key.  A shiny black key.  Rather large one.  The host snatched it out of my hands very quickly, though.

I brought the things I found up, and used the tools to adjust the TV so we could get the DDA Entertainment Channel.  I love that “Adventures of High Command” show.  Hilarious.  Heh.  I still remember the days when High Command used to change our name over and over and over again.

Well, Bucky seems happy to see the new frying pan.

For Dimensional Stability.



05-27-2009 03:21:12 UTC

Yes, I did read that GNDT comment of yours, yuri.


05-27-2009 17:44:53 UTC

for  For Dimensional Stability!