Monday, September 04, 2006

Proposal: Dictatorial Conductor II

Reached quorum (11-0). —Thelonious

Adminned at 06 Sep 2006 00:59:34 UTC

Add a new Dynastic rule “Dictator”:

The Conductor has Dictatorial Powers, as follows

Add a sub-rule “Pacing” to it:

Often, the Conductor may change the Style and/or Tempo of any number of Musicians.




09-04-2006 14:28:06 UTC

Would I be bound by the cascading rules or could I just set any state that I wanted?



09-04-2006 17:25:35 UTC


I hope, however, that this does not become our only recourse. I’d hate to burden Thelonius with the responsibility of getting us out of jams all the time.

Angry Grasshopper:

09-04-2006 17:25:46 UTC

I read it like so: the Conductor may set these states by fiat, and then the ‘cascading’ rules apply.

It seems like a good practice to keep Emperor powers all in one place. Have we done this before?



09-04-2006 18:10:35 UTC

It’s not a problem, but “Style” will probably soon mean something new (i.e. “Harmony” or “Tempo” or certain other GNDT columns we may add in the future).  In that case, this proposed rule should be clarified on this point. 

Anyway, I agree with AG that the Conductor can choose any state—all of eir chosen changes come into being simultaneously.  Then, of course, any automatic rules which apply to the new state apply. for

Elias IX:

09-04-2006 18:30:32 UTC

But what happens if, for example, Styles alternate between Dissonance and Consonance?

It’s like that stalemate thing in Go, if you know what I mean.


09-04-2006 21:10:41 UTC

Elias:  The proposed “Styles and tribulations” (which will probably pass) deals with the infinite loop that would result if there were an even number of Musicians, and “Torus World” passes, and the Conductor sets us all to alternating.  Is that your concern?

As things currently are (not playing on a torus), the changes happen simultaneously—so, for example, the “go stalemate” of CDCD changes to CCDD.

Elias IX:

09-04-2006 21:36:25 UTC

Oh, right. It’s a cellular automaton.

Elias IX:

09-04-2006 21:36:35 UTC


Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

09-05-2006 00:47:49 UTC



09-05-2006 01:48:44 UTC



09-05-2006 07:16:19 UTC

8 FOR votes plus one for Chronos Phaenon is nine. Both this and Torus World have passed quorum and are old enough.


09-05-2006 07:17:56 UTC

Whoops, forgot about “No, Not Allegro, Moderato”


09-05-2006 07:33:06 UTC



09-05-2006 12:50:00 UTC