Friday, August 25, 2023

Dilemma #23 - The Rain

Heavy clouds push in from the sea, and torrential rain pours down across the city. Parts of the electrical grid spark and fail where the water seeps through. Sustained levels of rain are rare here, and the districts’ rainwater tanks are quickly filled, the runoff pouring along other channels on its way to the river. While the rain still falls, your scientists suggest that it may be worth patching tanks and diverting drains to capture as much water as possible for filtering and irrigation, fixing the leaks into the electrical system as they go.

Do the Districts work to capture more rain, or continue their previous work as it falls?

Capture: Gain 1 Food and Lose 1 Ingenuity*

Ignore: Gain 1 Ingenuity and Lose 4 from your Energy Trap**

* or lose your lowest-cost understood Innovation (selecting one at random if there’s a tie) instead if you have no Ingenuity
** or lose all of your Energy Trap instead if your Defences are less than 0



25-08-2023 09:13:48 UTC

Capture, water is imperative to life above all else.

Josh: he/they

25-08-2023 10:39:35 UTC

I’m going to capture, the rainwater is nice but the failing grid desperately needs to be maintained.

lemon: she/her

25-08-2023 13:36:06 UTC

Ignore. we have no energy, so what do we stand to lose?

JonathanDark: he/him

26-08-2023 17:59:13 UTC

Ignore, we’ll have to deal with the energy issue later.

lendunistus: he/him

27-08-2023 05:25:40 UTC

I capture, our work can be left for later