Thursday, August 31, 2023

Dilemma #29 - The Scavengers

The lights reveal small packs of wild carnivores roaming the city at night, unfazed by the street lighting and opportunistically attempting to break into food stores and waste bins. They’re causing some minor structural damage and occasionally diverting the attention of security patrols, but otherwise don’t seem to be a serious problem.

Do the Districts tolerate their presence, or turn off the street lights and hunt them down?

Tolerate: Gain 4 to your Energy Trap and Lose 1 Defences

Hunt: Gain 1 Food and Randomly select a number from 0 to 2, inclusive; then randomly select and apply that number of Downsides (excluding this one) to yourself


Josh: he/they

31-08-2023 09:30:28 UTC

Hunt the vermin. Chop em up, put em in a stew.

lemon: she/her

31-08-2023 09:46:51 UTC

Tolerate. we’ve recently devised some gadgets that can burn their dung and fur sheddings to fuel our power grid!


01-09-2023 09:10:10 UTC

Hunt. They’ll only become bold and start attacking our people.


01-09-2023 09:15:51 UTC

Ended up gaining 1 food then losing 1 food. Gonna abstain from editing gamestate.

JonathanDark: he/him

01-09-2023 13:12:29 UTC

Tolerate the carnivores. We have better things to do than to waste time chasing after them.

lendunistus: he/him

01-09-2023 17:38:45 UTC

I hunt them down. the beasts deserve to be put down.