Thursday, April 25, 2013

Diplomatic Relationships

As Agora’s Ambassador-at-Large, I am happy to announce that BlogNomic has been recognized as a Neutral Foreign Nomic. I hope past disagreements will not stand in the way of cordial future relations. =)


Josh: he/they

25-04-2013 16:18:09 UTC



25-04-2013 16:26:42 UTC

We urge calm.

RaichuKFM: she/her

25-04-2013 16:27:38 UTC

Out of curiosity, what was BlogNomic considered prior to this event? I, for one, am looking forward to positive relations with Agora.


25-04-2013 17:19:50 UTC

I can now die a happy man.

Roujo: he/him

25-04-2013 17:44:48 UTC

@RaichuKFM: It was considered “Unknown”, which is the default Recognition value. The list was mostly empty and unused for a long while, actually. Since I became Ambassador last week or so, though, I decided to add all Nomics I knew about to the list. =)

It’s more of a symbolic gesture, in any case. If BlogNomic is willing to pursue a friendly relationship with Agora, though, there is a rule stating that “Players SHOULD not violate the rules of Protected or Friendly nomics”. Again, it’s mostly symbolic - SHOULD NOT isn’t as strong as MUST NOT - but would still be another step in strengthening the bond between the two biggest Nomics I know of.


25-04-2013 19:38:23 UTC

All I ever wanted in life

Clucky: he/him

25-04-2013 20:55:42 UTC

yinz shouldn’t need rules telling your players not to mess with our nomic anymore than you need rules telling your players to remember to breath