Thursday, March 14, 2024

Proposal: Diptych

Timed out and failed by Chiiika, 2-3.

Adminned at 16 Mar 2024 11:16:54 UTC

Add the following as a third bullet point to the list in the rule Scoring:

* Increment the Score of the poster of the Shot being responded to by the amount the owner’s Score was incremented by as a result of this Action.

Rename the rule Editing Disclaimer to “Editing Rules” and rewrite it as follows:

Any Snap must include a description of any edits or changes made to the photograph prior to it being made a Shot, with a lack of such a description indicating that no editing was done. Major edits to a photo that substantially change its appearance, composition or content are not permitted, but minor adjustments to photos are acceptable. These include cropping, dodging and burning, conversion into grayscale, elimination of dust on camera sensors and scratches on scanned negatives or scanned prints and normal toning and color adjustments. These should be limited to those minimally necessary for clear and accurate reproduction and that accentuate the authentic nature of the photograph. Changes in density, contrast, color and saturation levels that substantially alter the original scene are not acceptable. Elements may not be added to a picture under any circumstances. The use of AI tools to modify a picture is prohibited.

Two unrelated changes. The first change restores sniping the criteria of other players. The second borrows from the AP guidelines on photojournalism, and may be a little too restrictive as a staring point but is intended to ensure that the photo itself retains primacy over any editing that may take place.


JonathanDark: he/him

14-03-2024 12:57:02 UTC

I’m not sure why you need to snipe the criteria of other players. From what I understand, you’re already going to try to take a shot that scores optimally on your own Private Criteria based on your current Satisfying/Unsatisfying count.

Josh: he/they

14-03-2024 13:03:57 UTC

Because it’s fun, and isolated solitaires is less fun

Kevan: City he/him

14-03-2024 14:42:39 UTC

against Also not seeing a need. I think there’s already enough interesting tension in balancing your own Criteria against those of others, when taking your own photos - as well as avoiding being too obvious about what your own Criteria might be.

The editing rules seem pretty good. I’d also be fine with a ban on editing. I’m still curious what Naught had in mind when they said that they wanted to “try their hand” at editing, when proposing the rule.

JonathanDark: he/him

14-03-2024 15:29:49 UTC


I agree that the editing rules are good and should be proposed on their own.

Josh: he/they

14-03-2024 17:40:49 UTC

At the moment the game is just cranking the handle - hey a photo out every five days, comment on everyone else’s photo, all very modern Instagram. If you lot find that satisfying then I won’t stop you but it seems to me like the decision space is a little flat right now, and the interaction space is completely absent.

Clucky: he/him

14-03-2024 17:40:55 UTC

I think the problem with “The use of AI tools to modify a picture is prohibited.” is that while the motivation is good, a lot of cameras already use AI to automatically edit pictures after taking them to make them look good. Need to clarify that automated stuff like that is okay, just not post processing.

JonathanDark: he/him

14-03-2024 20:24:44 UTC

Josh, if you want more interactivity, change the Scoring to be more like bidding, where Seekers start with higher Satisfying and Unsatisfying Counts, and then they bid on each photo using the Private Criteria that the photo meets. Highest bidder in each category of Satisfying and Unsatisfying spends the corresponding count and scores on it.

Josh: he/they

14-03-2024 20:48:10 UTC

You could do that too!

I’ll give it some thought, but if you have a fleshed out mechanic then go for it :)

Snisbo: she/they

15-03-2024 16:06:24 UTC


Chiiika: she/her

15-03-2024 17:19:21 UTC