Monday, December 03, 2018

Proposal: Dirty Hands

Fewer than quorum not voting against, 1-4. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 04 Dec 2018 22:29:24 UTC

Create a rule named “Dirt”:

An lawyer with $20,000 or more in their slush fund may “Dig up dirt” by sending a PM to the Judge stating their intend to “Dig up Dirt”, and specifying a case and a party in that case.

The judge shall decrease the slush fund of that lawyer by $20,000 and choose a secretly random value from among “dirty”, “clean”, and “boring”.

If the value “dirty” was selected, the Judge shall make a comment on the blog post stating describing the case, stating that dirt was found on the party specified by the lawyer who sent the PM, and shall increase the guilt of the specified party by 2.

If a value other than “dirty” was selected, the judge shall send a PM to the lawyer that “Dug up Dirt”, stating the specified party and case, and that no dirt was found.




12-03-2018 22:39:21 UTC



12-03-2018 22:52:12 UTC

imperial Not a fan of the randomness here.


12-03-2018 23:12:45 UTC

against 1/3 is bad odds.


12-04-2018 07:43:51 UTC



12-04-2018 12:26:51 UTC

against Leaning to against.


12-04-2018 22:28:18 UTC

against CoV; the writing’s on the wall for this one and if possible I want to get to Case Adjourned before the next case batch


12-04-2018 22:28:56 UTC

I like the idea though.