Friday, September 14, 2007

Discussion: Monster Mechanics

How would you prefer to do monster fights? Should monsters have a health attribute that be lowered, and at 0 the monster dies? What about Kaiju have health that gets lowered when monsters under their control are hurt? Would you prefer random effects of powers, or more a Rock Paper Scissors type of system, with moves declared in secret then revealed and effects processed?
I’m trying to come up with a system, and some ideas would help jumpstart the process.



14-09-2007 21:08:29 UTC

i like josh’s original idea that kaiju have no stats in the GNDT, and already am weary about kaiju powers because of that. so i’d say no to kaiju health. that’s just an idea, though—thanks for the work you’re putting into it! monster health is a-ok…


14-09-2007 21:56:18 UTC

Yeah, I like monster health. I’m still trying to think if some sort of way to use powers. I think it was Darknight who mentioned the Rumble game on Kevan’s site. I think I’ll look at that and adapting it to work for this.

I was also wondering how Threat Level might figure in, too.


14-09-2007 21:56:38 UTC

snap! Threat level could BE its health…


14-09-2007 22:15:37 UTC



14-09-2007 23:34:24 UTC

Just a thought {:0)