Thursday, February 06, 2014

Discussion Question

How long do we want this dynasty to last?

As it stands we’ll run out of food in four WEEKS, plus four more to run out of health, and that’s not counting any food gathering done in the meantime. This is hardly a threat, as something or another will end the dynasty way before two months have passed.

I have two and a half ideas:

1) Divide our food stock and recollection by 10. That would immediately make everything dire, and end the dynasty, assuming no food gathering, in five weeks.

2) Adjust the time for every food “tick” to 24 hours. This would make the situation even more dire, and threaten the end within eight days.

2.5) Adjust the time for every food “tick” to 48 hours. Less dire than the above, but it would give us only two weeks before all is lost.

Thoughts, anyone?


RaichuKFM: she/her

06-02-2014 19:23:21 UTC

These are all overly drastic. If you want to decrease the Food for urgency’s sake, subtract 42 because when the food was reset to the default it counted seven people who idled immediately after the Proposal that did so passed. Well, turtlemoon was less imediately than the rest, but thats beside the point. If you feel that is still too much Food, a happy balance between 34 and 7 could probably be met. Adjusting the “tick” either utterly ruins the mechanic, or requires reworking Food-gathering to be on a daily scale as opposed to a weekly scale, which is not ideal in my opinion. As an addendum, docking Recollection, at this point, is not the way to go.