Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ascension Address: Divided Space

It has been a troubling past year for the entire local interstellar community. Barely a month in, the previous dominant power collapsed, and tensions finally snapped. A massive power struggle ensued, and while no nations were fully conquered, it left their resources depleted and all boundaries disputed. It eventually ended when the previous power was reformed, although now lacking much of its bite. With the end being as relatively sudden as it was, further stability is uncertain. Another effect of the struggle was an increase in military power, especially the number of available ships. And with these new ships came new captains, namely, you all. Hopefully, you will all live up to your new positions.

Rename “Honourable Member” to “Captain” and “Speaker” to “Potentate”.



27-02-2013 22:38:48 UTC

It seems I’ve stepped in at just the right time. This should be very interesting! I look forward to it.