Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Proposal: Don’t eat too much junk.

Passes 10-0, with exactly half in favor of the rider. - Qwazukee

Adminned at 26 Aug 2009 09:21:05 UTC

Create a new rule, entitled Fitness:

Each Survivor has the statistic Fitness tracked in the GNDT. Fitness can be any integer from 0 to 100 inclusively, and shall initially be 40. Whenever an action causes a Survivor to take a Fitness Test, that Survivor must make a roll of DICE100 in the GNDT. If the resulting number is equal to or lower than their fitness, the test is considered Passed, and if i is greater than their fitness, it is Failed.

If the proposal Stamina passes, add the following sentence to the rule “Foraging”:

A Survivor must make and Pass a Fitness test to successfully Forage.

If the proposal Stamina passes, add the following rule, entitled “Too much of a Good Thing”:

If a Survivor’s Stamina is greater or equal to 75, they decrease their fitness by DICE5 each time they eat and drink. If their Stamina is equal to or less than 50, they increase their Fitness by DICE5 when they Eat and Drink

Add the following subrule to Fitness, entitled “Working out”:

As a weekly action, each Survivor may work out by making a fitness test. If they pass the test, they increase their fitness by DICE10.

If at least half of the EVCs on this proposal contain the phrase “Let’s Go”, then each Survivor sets their fitness to DICE100.


Ienpw III:

08-25-2009 14:54:54 UTC

Author Vote:  for Let’s Go


08-25-2009 14:55:00 UTC



08-25-2009 14:55:24 UTC

CoV for  Let’s Go


08-25-2009 14:55:49 UTC

for Let’s Go, b/c if we all start w/ 40 fitness then we’ll be in trouble from the get-go.


08-25-2009 15:57:05 UTC

Issues with the “Too much of a Good Thing” part; the lower bound should be more like 25.  However, I’ll give it a for  because we can tweak the numbers later.


08-25-2009 18:01:47 UTC



08-25-2009 19:11:13 UTC

for I agree with Bucky, i doubt anyone will make it to 75!


08-25-2009 20:35:41 UTC



08-25-2009 21:15:30 UTC

Shouldn’t make the boundary too low, though, because we’re less likely to get fat in a post-apocalyptic society that to starve.


08-25-2009 22:59:13 UTC

for Let’s Go


08-26-2009 00:23:18 UTC

imperial Let’s go?

Qwaz: and we’re well unlikely to spend time working out.  Only people with sedentary lifestyles do that.


08-26-2009 00:29:09 UTC

“Working out” here may be analagous to “Running away from zombies.”  : p


08-26-2009 00:48:00 UTC

for I agree with 75 being too high, though.


08-26-2009 00:50:58 UTC