Saturday, August 01, 2015

Call for Judgment: Don’t pull my tale

Finally fails 0-4. Adminned 07:59 by Tantusar.

Adminned at 04 Aug 2015 08:00:52 UTC

So last night I move to the active cheese spawner and yet today I somehow find myself moved back to a new tranq space. Unless there was a rule I missed,

If this passes, return DAR to his position at the active cheese spawner.

That just seemed very weird, more so since I still have 5 cheese so my move wasn’t illegal



08-01-2015 21:54:50 UTC

I’ve looked at the diff. You moved there yourself.


08-01-2015 22:38:30 UTC


08-02-2015 04:02:11 UTC

Really? Swore I moved to the spawner


08-02-2015 09:37:14 UTC

against Was the move Darknight made even legal?


08-02-2015 10:59:32 UTC

The move was legal (a scamper, a crawl, and two scampers) even without the fifth cheese. I think the issue here is whether or not Darknight has 5 or 4 Cheese, and what we do about it.


08-02-2015 11:00:59 UTC

There was no way, even with 5 Cheese, that they could’ve gotten to the Spawner.


08-02-2015 14:18:57 UTC

I thought for sure that I was able to get to the spawner both with 4 cheese and before the new spawners came to be. Now I’m not sure.


08-02-2015 22:38:41 UTC