Monday, August 29, 2011

Proposal: Don’t slack off

Self-killed. Failed by Kevan.

Adminned at 31 Aug 2011 01:22:12 UTC

Add a new rule, called “The Crew”:

Survivors may have Duties. Whenever the Captain wants to give some Survivors a particular Duty, they may make a Orders Post.
A Orders Post is a Story Post with the tag “(Orders)” in the Title, and listing the Duties each of those Survivors shall take.
A survivor may at any time resign all the Duties he has, but they shall then get the “Prisoner” Duty.
Survivors’ Duties are listed in a GNDT column. Multiple Duties of the same Survivor are divided by commas.
The same survivor may not have two instances of the same Duty.
All the Survivors with a specific Duty may be referred with the name of that duty (e.g. Superheroes are all the Survivors with the Superhero Duty)
The possible Duties a Survivor may have and their gamestate effects are:
* Prisoner: a Prisoner may not have other Duties. The Prisoner Duty may not be given by Orders Post. A Survivor loses all his other Duties when becoming Prisoner. If a Prisoner has been so for more than 72 hours in a row (3 days), they may resign the Prisoner Duty. His Influence is always 0.
* Ship boy: loses one point of Sanity every Monday. Gets +1 Influence.

Change the name of the Survivor “Hello Kitty of Doom” to “Ely”.

Duties to come later.
I’ve got some ideas, but I think this proposal is getting too long.
I’m also changing back to my old name. My Battle Name has run its course. I hope this is not a problem.
No idea about what Influence could be.



29-08-2011 10:14:21 UTC

for Looks like fun. :-)

Kevan: Oracle he/him

29-08-2011 10:22:35 UTC

against Hierarchical positions and a “prison”? This seems a bit much for some starving survivors on a lifeboat. We’re not on the Haniver any more.

Prince Anduril:

29-08-2011 11:01:46 UTC

against I’m not sure about giving so much power to a Captain who can’t change at the moment. I think we need a Mutiny clause before we give him more power.


29-08-2011 13:09:04 UTC

We have a mutiny clause: a Call for Judgement. Of course we can add a in-theme mutiny mechanics, even if I’d prefer the CfJ and Proposal mechanics to be integrated in the theme.
these are not hierarchical positions. These are jobs we need to do on our lifeboat. May I point out that you’re still the Captain even if we are on a life boat?
Then the name ship boy is what I found on the dictionary that matched best my idea of “the guy that keeps the boat clean”.
And there’s no prison. Only people that can’t do any job as punishment and others keep a very close eye on.
Maybe I chose the wrong words.


29-08-2011 14:20:42 UTC



29-08-2011 15:15:27 UTC


Kevan: Oracle he/him

29-08-2011 17:49:36 UTC

[Kitty] The idea of the Captain promoting certain people to give them “influence” if they do their job properly just seems a bit at odds with the feel of the other mechanics we’ve got so far, of it being every slightly-deranged man for himself.


29-08-2011 19:02:45 UTC

against a lifeboat should have more to to with coming home together, than hierarchy.


29-08-2011 21:01:53 UTC

I’m proposing this because I don’t like “being every slightly-deranged man for himself”. (as Blacky does, I think - and it’s paradoxically the cause of his against).
And I thought job delegation would make for a more solidale experience. This is not about hierarchy.
However, do what you want. Take away influence if you don’t like it.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

29-08-2011 22:15:59 UTC

[Kitty] It just feels a bit formal to have the Captain assigning jobs which produce a documented leaderboard of influence, when the other mechanics are about hoarding and trading valuable food, and influencing other players through basic bribery, generosity or threats.

Don’t take this as a big “my vision for the dynasty” vote, or anything, it just feels like the mechanics aren’t going to mesh together that well.

Darknight: he/him

30-08-2011 00:07:44 UTC



30-08-2011 10:19:25 UTC

against Self Kill