Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sticky Post: Doomsday Cult Announcement Board

This is the forum where the Dooms Day Cult (also known as the DDC) can discuss top-secret strategies.

First order of business: Secrecy. I suggest that all non-Cult members should not read this Board, so that Cult business will remain secret. That is all.



09-02-2009 15:40:13 UTC

Sorry, I don’t have a clue what you’ve just said. Can you repeat it?


09-02-2009 17:55:25 UTC

You’re not supposed to understand, that’s why its secret!


09-03-2009 02:44:35 UTC

We, the DDA, would like to note that YOU STOLE ONE OF OUR ACRONYMS!

Blame High Command.


09-03-2009 02:49:22 UTC

Stole, or assimilated for our own purposes? The orders did come from High Command, after all.


09-03-2009 15:24:10 UTC

Rod: “Dimensional Defense Cult”??? “Dimensional Defense Corporation”?


09-03-2009 22:36:26 UTC

Dark Doom Cake!
Ding Dong Cow!
Door Dog Cicada!


09-04-2009 00:58:00 UTC

All DDA acronyms begin with “Dimensional Defense”, Mossfire.

Parenteze, nur penso: Eble ni traduku BlagNamikon en Esperanto?