Thursday, May 08, 2008

Doomsday Device Suggestions

Operation: Mad Quarkssed has succeeded.  According to the success text, I am allowed to add 6 parts to the Doomsday Device.  If you have any ideas, please post them here.  If Jay and/or Beane makes any suggestions, they will receive priority since they each successfully nabbed a scientist.



08-05-2008 23:55:14 UTC

A table cloth tied to the shoelace.

A goldfish bowl on the table cloth, inching toward the edge of the table.

The bulldog from Tom & Jerry asleep on his pillow beside the table.


08-05-2008 23:57:51 UTC

Those three have been added.

Still looking for three more.


09-05-2008 04:35:31 UTC

A string tied to the bulldog.


09-05-2008 06:43:25 UTC

Tied to the business end of the string, the RELEASE switch on a dump truck full of Mentos backed over an Olympic-sized swimming pool filled with Coca-Cola.


09-05-2008 16:01:35 UTC

Doesn’t it have to be diet coke? 

Maybe make it a pressure plate under the bulldog just for the sake of variation?

Also, the shark with the laser doesn’t do anything yet.

arthexis: he/him

09-05-2008 16:55:03 UTC

Does it have to?


09-05-2008 21:06:58 UTC

I have added the final 3, so I am no longer taking suggestions.