Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Double Doh

I’ve just noticed that the ruleset now contains the following (in R1.7).

A non-official post may not, through editing of the blog or otherwise, be changed into an official post, with the following exception. Whilst a non-official post has been posted for less than five minutes and has no comments, the author may change the categories as e wishes.

I thought my proposal had been voted down but apparently it passed.  Therefore, to all those (including me) who’ve made posts twice because they forgot to make it a proposal the first time - there’s no need.  You’re allowed to change a non-proposal into a proposal within 5 minutes of the post provided that nobody has commented on it.



09-14-2006 04:02:42 UTC

You can just delete non-proposal entries, of course.


09-15-2006 08:36:01 UTC

I can’t figure out how.  I can’t find a delete button anywhere (and I have looked).


09-15-2006 13:32:09 UTC

Yes, it is elusive.  Within EE, use the EDIT tab near the top.  Put a check in the box corresponding to the post(s) you wish to delete, scroll all the way to the bottom of the page, and choose “delete selected” from the pull-down menu.