Saturday, May 23, 2020

Downtime for temporary server move; MediaWiki upgrade

UPDATE: Upgrade wiki login should be working now.

There will be (hopefully) brief downtime tomorrow, Sunday, May 24, around 23:00 UTC, while we temporarily move to a VPS that can host PHP 5.6 until the WordPress site is ready.

There will be a few minutes after this server change happens when your browser will yell at you about BlogNomic not being safe/secure; this is because I can’t put a real SSL certificate on the new server until the domain actually points to it. You should not be afraid to bypass this screen, and it will disappear shortly after the change.

Google Chrome (along with, I think, the Brave browser) no longer has a button to take you past this warning screen. Instead, you must type the string thisisunsafe to load the site.

Also, we need to upgrade MediaWiki as well. I have done a trial run of this at It looks all right to me, but I haven’t tried anything fancy, so I would love as many of you as possible to kick the tires on it and report any issues before I switch that over as well. If I get feedback that it’s working fine for everyone, on Monday night I’ll reimport the latest live database and make that switch.

Once again, the temporary blog move to keep PHP 5.6 going is not a long term solution, and I intend to have the WordPress version ready for at least test-gameplay by June 15. Thanks for y’all’s patience during this.


Josh: HE/HIM

05-23-2020 19:33:26 UTC

Is it deliberate that we can’t log in to

Tantusar: HE/THEY

05-23-2020 19:53:43 UTC

The entire API seems to be down. Could be related.

75th Trombone:

05-23-2020 21:18:43 UTC

Hahaha “anything fancy” includes “logging in”. Man I’m a dummy. Please hold

75th Trombone:

05-23-2020 21:37:38 UTC

Login page should work now.


05-24-2020 08:46:47 UTC

Logging in, creating, editing, renaming pages seems to work, as does the API. I can’t think of any other common actions that can be tested as a non-admin.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-24-2020 12:32:11 UTC

All looks good from here.

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