Thursday, April 12, 2012

DRAFT Anybody got a bit a money anybody got a bit a money

Create a new Institution, named “The Taxmen” reading:

When a player influences the Taxmen, they gain X Power, where X is equal to one fourth of the number of credits they directed at the Taxmen. In addition, every other player loses Y Credits, down to 0, where Y is equal to half of the number of credits they directed as the Taxmen.

Deflation deflation…



04-12-2012 19:57:37 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

04-12-2012 21:11:03 UTC

The “they” isn’t clear. Is it half the credits the person who influenced the taxman gets? If that’s the case, it could let rich people ruin everyone. If its half the credits each individual person directed it still has the whole “if you lose credits or marines during cycle resolution, it might screw up later bids” problem.


04-12-2012 23:30:32 UTC

“In addition, after every Institution has been resolved, every other Player loses Y Credits…”

(Not voting because of the ambiguity: I would be for if ‘they’ refered to every other player, and against if ‘they’ refered to the Influencing Player.)