Tuesday, November 12, 2013

DRAFT of Resistance


In the rule “Fight the Power”, insert after the first paragraph:

Power may be freely traded between Oligarchs and between Oligarchs and the Despot. It is the responsibility of Oligarchs to ensure that the terms of such trades are adhered to.

Throughout the ruleset, change “assign an Oligarch” to “assign an Office-less Oligarch”.

Append to the rule “Offices”:

The Despot and all holders of Offices of Command or Authority, taken together, may be referred to as The Government.

Enact a new rule entitled “The Resistance”:

Any Oligarch may, as a daily action, join the Resistance and change their Office to “Rebel” by paying 1 Power to The Resistance. Every Oligarch may freely give Power to The Resistance. The Resistance’s Power is tracked in a GNDT row labeled “Resistance” with all other columns empty.

If more than 1/3 of all Oligarchs, rounded down, are Seditious Rebels, then any Seditious Rebel may make a Resolution by spending 7 power and submitting a Proposal with a subject starting with “[Res]”. No more than 2 Resolutions may be pending at a time, and all pending Resolutions may be failed at any time if the number of Seditious Rebels falls below the threshold stipulated above.

Resolutions are limited to:
* Distributing Power within the Resistance. Resolutions cannot create or destroy Power or affect the Power of non-Rebels.
* Imposing or altering a hierarchy or order within the Resistance. Resolutions cannot impair or enhance any Oligarch’s ability to vote on Votable Matters.
* Enacting Dynastic Rules that do not violate the above restrictions.

Oligarchs who are not Rebels must pay 1 Power to The Resistance to vote on a Resolution, Oligarchs in the Government must pay 5 Power to The Resistance to vote on a Resolution, and the Despot must pay 15 Power to Veto a Resolution. In addition to the normal rules for Proposals, a Resolution may pass if at least 3/4 of all of the larger group of [Rebels or Seditious Oligarchs], rounded up, vote FOR it.


Up for review before I propose another version too soon. Give feedback!



12-11-2013 05:10:39 UTC

A few thoughts:
1) Don’t limit Resolution making powers to Seditious Rebels - all Rebels should have this ability. Unfortunately, we can’t control whether we’re Seditious or not - the Despot could easily stop any resolutions from being made simply by designating all people as Loyal. (Although there are ways this could be discouraged…)

2) I would like to see Orders implemented as well - I think there needs to be some incentive to be aligned with the despot. Also they could be fun. Ultimately, I feel like the individual offices should actually have jobs, and Orders could potentially allow this.

3) The mechanics for Resolutions may still need work. I definitely think that allowing anyone to vote on this is good for balancing, but there are a few things that might be broken. I’m not sure what the last clause overrides, but one possible way of interpreting this is that as long as 3/4 of Rebels/Seditious Oligarchs vote FOR one of these Resolutions it passes (even if they don’t have a majority or if it has been vetoed).

Kevan: he/him

12-11-2013 15:59:48 UTC

If you’re nervous about getting a large proposal right, I think it’s better to propose an uncontroversially skeletal version and let other people run with the basic ideas.

The protosal attitude - that other players should hold back from working on any similar mechanics because you want to spend a couple of days getting your one right - is good game design, but it’s not good Nomic. I think it’s healthier for the game to throw a slimmer proposal straight into the queue and let other players follow up with “if Skju’s proposal passed…” alterations while it’s moving.