Wednesday, March 28, 2012

DRAFT Someone’s Gotta Get the Womp Rats

Add a new Institution, reading:
“The Rebels: When a player influences the Rebels, they gain 2 of each Resource. In addition, during the next Cycle, they may not Direct resources at any of the Institutions they Directed resources at this cycle.”

Aims to avoid obvious decision making and parallelism.



03-28-2012 04:25:26 UTC

Where did the Rebels get Councilmen?


03-28-2012 06:04:44 UTC

@Bucky, in a time of political upheaval, it is to be expected for allegiance of political aristocrats to be unreliable. This is not a rebellion against the planetary government per se, but against those loyal to the wider Empire.


03-28-2012 12:09:48 UTC

My main objection is that this would be vastly more valuable than any other institution. How do the rebels have more marines than the legion AND more councilmen than the council AND the power/credit benefit of the Slave Pits which are more difficult to influence?


03-28-2012 13:09:42 UTC

@Yonah, fair point. Would 1 of each sound better?


03-28-2012 21:15:53 UTC

I agree with yonah, but I also think that one of each is too much. What about a sacrifice of 1 power for 1 of every other resource?


03-28-2012 22:40:58 UTC

Patrick, I think at that point it would get way overpowered. Remember, this effectively will mean the Influencer will not be able to earn income form their 1 credit bids the next round, unless they only target half of the institutions, which slows down how quickly they can grow.