Sunday, January 20, 2008

Proposal: Drink it if you can

Self-Killed - Gunned down by Chivalrybean

Adminned at 21 Jan 2008 05:41:05 UTC

In the rule List of Drinks, add the following text


If a player drinks vodka with a courage status of “Yellow”, he shall roll a DICE2 is the GNDT. If the result is 1, he drinks it and may change his Courage status back to “-”. On a 2, he instead does not drink it and pours it out when no one is looking (in both cases setting his drink value to “none”). In all cases when vodka is drunk, it shall count as an extra -1 for 48 hours when determining the drinking players Quick Draw value for a gunfight.



20-01-2008 17:40:53 UTC

against There is not a price on the drink and the wording could use some work.

Darknight: he/him

20-01-2008 23:28:08 UTC

against price check on bean vodka.


21-01-2008 01:34:01 UTC



21-01-2008 11:35:19 UTC

against per above.  It is not at all clear when Vodka is “drunk” and when it is not.


21-01-2008 13:39:11 UTC

Ah, a proposal that is convoluted and missing an important detail. Just like old times.

\___\ veto
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21-01-2008 13:40:21 UTC

dad gummit, I meant to hit preview, not submit.  against I’ll fix it later, unless someone else gets to it first.