Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Druid’s Duel: Withholding Food

The Druid Challenges Ienpw III to a duel!

The battle field is the city walls. Any wizard except Ienpw II may be judge. Ienpw III is the only valid opponent.

The Druid accuses Ienpw III of having an unnatural number of animals in his stables, and of not feeding them enough.

“You have a duty to the rodents and birds! they tell me they see a barn, and look for corn to eat, but find none!”



09-07-2019 18:53:36 UTC

I am the Judge


09-07-2019 19:31:02 UTC

It’s no surprise but you literally can’t lose here


09-07-2019 19:31:33 UTC

(Well, not literally, but you get the idea lol)

redtara: they/them

09-07-2019 21:19:37 UTC

wow rude

Also, “Any wizard except Ienpw II may be judge” could have been fun to exploit if I’d been quicker on the draw.


11-07-2019 08:56:27 UTC

The challenger specifies the duel’s battlefield from the list of current battlefields.

The battle field is the city walls

Both have sent me their lists, however…

There is no battle field called city walls lmao.



11-07-2019 16:24:56 UTC

Well, a battle took place, I suppose, but had no battlefield. Which means undefined strength. Thus, nunber of wins could not be determined. I could have seen it going to a coin toss, but the wording doesn’t quite support it, imo. No Triumphant, no effects.

Kevan: City he/him

11-07-2019 17:21:40 UTC

If “The challenger specifies the duel’s battlefield from the list of current battlefields.” was skipped and we’re trying to work out what the “duel’s battlefield” was, I think it defaults to the alphabetically earliest possibility, which is… City Gates.


11-07-2019 18:59:53 UTC

Haha, brilliant! I stand corrected.


12-07-2019 16:39:06 UTC

Druid: empty, empty, Fire-Breathing Swimming Giant Armored Numbat, empty, empty


Ienpw III: Empty, Empty, Armored Giant Wild Zonkey, Armored Wallaby, Fire-Breathing Swimming Giant Armored Spectral Numbat


1 win to 2 wins.

Ienpw III is Triumphant.


12-07-2019 21:51:24 UTC

Winnings are 7/5 rounded up equals 2, based on duel rules at the latest time the duel could have occurred.


14-07-2019 06:50:57 UTC

Well, the rule doesn’t specify time of reception of duel rewards, so it can be argued it is after previous paragraph, in which the judge makes his statements, is completed. I concede this point to Cuddlebeam.


15-07-2019 08:00:44 UTC

(That is, Cuddlebeam insisted in the GNDT on a 3 favor reward for Ien, based on the latest rules. Agreed.)