Monday, July 22, 2019

Duel: Kevan vs Kaia

Announcing a Duel at a choice of Subterranean Falls, Island Fortress or The Royal Swamp (with Kaia having said “If you make another one I’m happy to pick Subterranean Falls though.”), the list of valid Opponents being “Kaia” and the list of valid judges being “The King”.


derrick: he/him

22-07-2019 17:07:30 UTC

I will judge this duel

Kevan: City he/him

24-07-2019 08:19:03 UTC

This is now 48 hours old without a response from Kaia, which means I can make them into its Opponent. I select the Subterranean Falls as the Duel’s Battlefield.

derrick: he/him

26-07-2019 13:24:04 UTC

I have not received a battle plan from Kaia, though I have from Kevan. Kevan is triumphant, and increases his favor by 4.