Sunday, January 22, 2006

Duel on the Main Deck!

What a beautiful day for piracy on the high seas!

So I’m on main deck, watching the hands at work, when I see Quazie seated on a barrel, eating at some strange orange fruit. I ask him every so politely upon what he’s dining, and he tells me I was born out of wedlock, and that I can’t have one of his tangelos! He says he’s got a whole secret hoard of them, somewhere in the Hold, there, and that he’s a smuggling them across the seas.

So naturally I congratulate him on his new partnership, and tell him what my portion ought to be, and he tells me to (unprintable) (unprintable) (unprintable) myself.

As I’d had enough of such unfounded, misplaced aggression on this ship, I kicked his barrel over, clouted him good, and took his tangelo—that’ll learn him that violence does you no good.

I’m off to the Hold, I gotta be lookin’ for something. I must’a misplaced something of mine in the Holds.. yeah, a set of me hornpipes, it was..


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