Thursday, January 19, 2006

Duel the first!

In a fit of boredom, and as the crew of this pirate ship seems to have no duties, I decide that having some purple hair to make a scarf out of would be most excellent. 

I therefore grab my fid, and clonk Purplebeard upside the head as he is standing in the main chains. 

(Furious dice rolling ensues, see GNDT)

However, Purplebeard must have seen me coming, for, upon raising my fid struck me a most fearsome blow, stunning me senseless.

Most poor….



01-19-2006 18:12:32 UTC

Where did this fight occur?  I don’t think it’s legal unless you were in the same location.


01-19-2006 20:02:40 UTC

I don’t think any of us were in any location, since we’re not automatically assumed to be in one until we first change our location.

Since we were not in any part of the ship the duel couldn’t have taken place, so I’m reverting the changes.

Let this be a lesson to you, though. Don’t challenge me, or I’ll leave you devastated, mutilated, and perforated!:)

PS: Arrrr.


01-20-2006 03:21:49 UTC

I thought we were all in the main deck.  Bah, humbug.