Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Duel: TyGuy6 vs Ienpw III

Valid Opponents: Ienpw III
Valid Judges: derrick

Choice of Battlefields:
The Caravan City: Nearby Walled Desert
The Worthless Mountains: poor, poor, sloped
Island Fortress: sloped walled aquatic



26-07-2019 00:11:03 UTC

I make Ienpw III the opponent of this duel, and choose The Worthless Mountains as the Battlefield.

Hopefully, as the final Battlefield!

derrick: he/him

27-07-2019 13:08:47 UTC

I received no plan from Ienpw III, but one from tyguy6.

Tyguy6 is triumphant, Ienpw III is eliminated.