Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Duel: TyGuy6 vs Kevan

Valid Opponents: Kevan
Valid Judges: derrick

Choice of Battlefields:
The Caravan City: Nearby Walled Desert
The Worthless Mountains: poor, poor, sloped
Island Fortress: sloped walled aquatic

Final stage of my coup d’etat.


Kevan: City he/him

25-07-2019 12:08:18 UTC

I become the Opponent and specify the Island Fortress. Sponges, to arms!

derrick: he/him

26-07-2019 15:34:49 UTC

Kevan brings to the island fortress:
Bait X [0];
Wild Gaudy Caterpillar]0];
Wild Gaudy Zonkey[0];
Wild Gaudy Numbat[0];
Wild Gaudy Sponge[0].
The Bait is for Sponges.

Tyguy brings to the island fortress:
Proud Trumpeting (tactic)[0];
Leaping(3) Giant(3) Digging(3) Fire-Breathing(3) Surefooted (2) Armoured (2) Swimming(4) Sponge(-5) x2 [30]; 
Giant (3) Digging(3) Fire-Breathing(3) Surefooted(2) Armoured (2) Swimming(4) Sponge(-5) [12];
Winged(4) Fire-Breathing(3) Swimming(4) Giant(3) Armored (2) Numbat [16];
Winged(4) Fire-Breathing(3) Swimming(4) Giant(3) Armored (2) Venomous(2) Digging(3) Numbat[21];

With 4 wins, while Kevan showed up to the duel, he didn’t show up with much. the sponges took the bait but it didn’t matter much.

Tyguy6 is triumphant. Kevan is eliminated, and may now donate however much food he may have accumulated to someone else.

derrick: he/him

26-07-2019 15:39:35 UTC

Meaning Tyguy6 won 4 times, not that kevan won 4 times. 4 wins were scored against kevan.


27-07-2019 06:36:10 UTC

I unidle, quorum remains at 5