Monday, July 08, 2019

Duely Duel McDuel

Royal Swamp
Judge: Derrick
Rest default
Let’s go



08-07-2019 20:25:45 UTC

Oh uh I’ll do this one instead??

derrick: he/him

08-07-2019 20:44:47 UTC

I accept this opportunity to judge


08-07-2019 22:17:22 UTC

I intend to become the opponent for this duel (and so I do). Away with your indecisive ally, Cuddlebeam! And get the location right next time. It’s Ye Olde Royale Suuamp.


09-07-2019 04:35:23 UTC

Lol alright TyGuy.
Spoiler: I’m sending five Empty slots because you got enough Favor as it is already.


09-07-2019 16:25:07 UTC

No more to be expected, from the keeper of the wild animal shelter. ;)

derrick: he/him

09-07-2019 17:02:02 UTC

This duel was interesting:

TyGuy sent out a strong force into the aquatic swamp:
Swimming (+4) Winged(+2) Giant(+3) Zonkey [9];
Swimming (+4) Winged(+2) Giant(+3) Emu[9];
Swimming (+4) Winged(+2) Giant(+3) Fire-Breathing(+2) Armored (+2) Numbat [13]
Swimming (+4) Winged(+2) Giant(+3) Badger [9]

Cuddlebeam sent forth into the swamp…. Nothing.

empty [0]
empty [0]
empty [0]
empty [0]
empty [0]

The court watched in anticipation as the creatures circled the swamp, looking for their foes. In the end, it became apparent that their were none, but not before much time had been spent.

Counselor Arnok muttered something about a “Good old fashioned Snipe Hunt”.

Tyguy is triumphant, and wins 0 court favor for being the valiant butt of cuddlebeam’s joke.