Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Proposal: Duking it Out With The Tax Man v2


Adminned at 17 Jan 2008 14:00:14 UTC

Add the following after the phrase: “Mixed Drink - $15” in rule 2.11:

If a player drinks a Mixed Drink during a hand, then instead of being taxed for the first time on that hand, he challenges Uncle Sam to a shootout. Uncle Sam will always accept. After the shootout, if the challenging player is Wounded, Uncle Sam takes money equal to 1.5 times what the player would have been taxed. If Uncle Sam is wounded, the challenging player isn’t taxed and Uncle Sam has his health changed to Healthy. If both players are Healthy, then the challenging player is taxed for the original amount.

If this proposal is adopted, change Uncle Sam’s Quick Draw to 2.




16-01-2008 02:57:15 UTC

I still don’t like the numbers, but there is any even bigger problem: “If both players are Healthy” could trigger even though Uncle Sam loses because his status always changes to healthy.  It could be changed to say something like “If the Shootout is resolved without either Player being Wounded”.


16-01-2008 03:08:24 UTC

Good point. I’ll fix that in the 3rd version.

But what do you think the numbers should be?


16-01-2008 03:20:21 UTC

I would recommend at least 2 times for the taxes (we are all about risk taking) and 3 (2 would still be ok, though) for his QD.


16-01-2008 03:22:32 UTC

Okay, I’ll wait for one or two more people to comment to see what everyone else thinks before I put up a new proposal.


17-01-2008 00:10:08 UTC

You could make it so Sam is changed to Healthy after all other checks are made.


17-01-2008 03:30:31 UTC

Good point. I’ll change it to that.
Planned changes:
-Make Uncle Sam take double the taxes if you lose to him.
-Add the “If both are healthy” part to before the “If Uncle Sam is wounded” to fix that interaction.

If anyone has any other changes I need to make, let me know soon, as I plan on posting v3 tomorrow, and hopefully it will be the last version.

Darknight: he/him

17-01-2008 03:35:53 UTC

so this is self killed?


17-01-2008 03:40:11 UTC

It will be as soon as I come up with the (hopefully) final version. If I self-kill it, people might not come to it if they have a problem with anything it says so far.

Darknight: he/him

17-01-2008 03:41:39 UTC



17-01-2008 14:25:19 UTC

It’s not clear to me when the Shootout occurs—immediately after the player drinks the drink, or at the end of the hand when Uncle Sam’s tax would be assessed.  “...Uncle Sam takes money equal to 1.5 times what the player would have been taxed”.  Isn’t it true that you don’t know what the player would have been taxed until the hand is over?


17-01-2008 19:50:35 UTC

This creates a replacement effect that replaces the first time you would be taxed this hand.

Meanwhile Self-Kill against