Thursday, October 05, 2006

Dynastic Direction

I apologize. I made a mistake. When I came up with this theme, I thought it would be a surreal dynasty, with loads of crazy rules, but clearly, it’s not yet what I’ve hoped. However, I should have made it clearer on what direction I mean for this dynasty to go. By starting out the dynasty with a sonnet, I’ve forsaken clearer instructions on what I wish to happen.

I know that it’s hard to think of ideas for a Vegetable dynasty. What can Vegetables do? There are the simple answers, like being watered and eaten, but it doesn’t stop there. Vegetables can do anything. They can sing at karaoke bars, breakdance in night clubs, play Twister while drunk, grow beards and dye them purple, play Food-Tongue Scrabble, have unicycle races, travel back in time in 1985 DeLoreans, and even get struck by 1.21 gigawatts of lightning.

They can do everything that Werewolves do. They can do everything that Vampires do. They can do everything that Robots do. They can do everything that Peasants, Movie Stars, Superheroes, Kings, Queens, Zombies, and Mad Scientists can do. In short, feel free to go beyond the cooking and eating of Vegetables.

I’m mostly to blame for this, since I myself haven’t proposed much to this effect, but I hope that this makes things a bit more clear.

If you want some ideas, go ahead and look through the dynastic histories at past proposals.


Clucky: he/him

06-10-2006 00:47:19 UTC

“ Food-Tongue Scrabble”

was that just random or do you actually know Food-Tongue?

Either was, I am seriously freaked out.


07-10-2006 03:21:28 UTC

You asked for it…

Once per day a Vegetable may spend 10 Net Worth to create a Brainchild. Brainchildren shall be tracked by a column in the GNDT titled “Brainchildren”.
Once per day a Vegetable may trade all of his or her Brainchild(ren) for all of another Vegetables’s Brainchild(ren).

Upon further examination, Brainchildren are explosive. A Vegetable may lob Brainchildren at any other Vegetable. When lobbed, Brainchildren cause em to lose DICE + 1 Healthfulness. Brainchildren may only be lobbed at Vegetables in locations that contain more Vegetables than the location from which it is being lobbed. A Vegetable may use as many Brainchildren per day as it has Tastiness.