Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dynastic Survey

1) Were you satisfied with the previous dynasty you played in? Why?

2) Do you have any feature requests for the upcoming dynasty?



09-12-2012 03:19:42 UTC

1) Not really. I personally thought the pie upgrade mechanic was really cool and had a lot of potential, and had high hopes other interesting stuff would be added but it felt like no one else was proposing anything interesting. Blognomic has turned too much into “establish basic gameplay in the first week and then just tweak the gameplay a bit for the rest of the dynasty” which I guess works, but isn’t as much fun if you ask me.

Also only having a few active people certainly didn’t help.

2) Pie has had its turn. time for cookies!


09-12-2012 10:06:38 UTC

1) Last one I played was the Factory Machine one. I enjoyed the basic mechanics of it, but they didn’t ever quite connect together into strategic gameplay.

[Clucky] I suspect that GNDT-heavy dynasties look a lot quieter than they actually are, from the outside. And the seven-day block on new players being able to win was maybe a bit long, given that seven days is more or less a quarter of a dynasty.

What were the findings of Josh’s fun survey a few months ago?


09-12-2012 11:33:59 UTC

It only got like 8 replies so I kept putting off posting about it in case a few more came out of the woodwork. Kevan, would it be worth mentioning it in the Ascension Announcement email?


09-12-2012 11:59:38 UTC

Sorry to hear it, and good idea. I’ll put out a standalone email about it, for what it’s worth, it seems relevant enough to the subscribers.