Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Dynastic Wrap-Up

I’ll post an Ascension Address tomorrow, after I think through my current idea. Meanwhile here’s a comment space for anyone who wants to talk about afterthoughts for this Dynasty, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Quincunx and I established our coin-toss alliance a couple weeks ago; where there any other explicit ones in play?


Kevan: Oracle he/him

02-11-2016 19:20:44 UTC

No alliances here - I took it you had some sort of deal going on with Quincunx, and assumed (I think wrongly) that Matt and his Down Constituency would have naturally sided more with me than either of you, but didn’t formalise anything.

The card up my sleeve in this one was ‘‘“Any Councillor with at least 1 Ready Staff may cease to represent their Constituency at any time by setting their Ready Staff to zero.”’’, which I’d forgotten about for a while and then hoped that everyone else had. I was aiming to play the long game catching Zoning Targets (Anchorage turned out to have an advantage in not touching the sides of the city; by maximising surface area, I had many more squares I could gerrymander into one action) until my Will was highest, and then to just switch to the unstoppable Charm Party by abandoning Anchorage and claiming Killick.

Do you think the Atomic Actions are worth keeping around, based on how they played out? They seemed like a useful tool to have, although the gamey weirdness in abandoning badly-rolled action chains halfway so that they can reset themselves probably needs a neater solution. (Players could have fought over the controls of the Election by starting an election every hour, and stopping after the first action so that it timed out.)

Brendan: he/him

03-11-2016 13:24:55 UTC

I HAD forgotten that provision. Wow.

I think something like Atomic Actions gets implemented often enough that it’s worth either keeping and patching this version or writing a new one. The hour time limit did turn out to be a very gameable flaw, but the standard practice of “an illegal action gets reverted” combined with any kind of randomization seems like an inherent exploit. I wonder if we should disallow trivial GNDT dice rolls altogether.


03-11-2016 16:13:26 UTC

I neglected to consider the surface area potential that Kevan mentioned. There was a point where my early choice of Strange and the requirement for two adjacent blocks made it difficulty to propagate the party, which had ramifications on changing Zoning targets and Will down the line.

I got busy near the end of the dynasty, unfortunately, and let my Ready staff max out. There were a few times (as Kevan is aware) that I was intent on burning others’ Ready through a Campaign->Survey loss (e.g. 5/5->3/3) but that was probably more self-destructive than productive.

I did encounter and briefly exploited the Atomic Action caveat but our duct-taped solution of not regaining lost Ready was a decent fix, albeit not a severe enough deterrent.

The map-based dynasties are definitely appealed compared to one simply involving manipulation of the GNDT.

Kevan: Oracle he/him

03-11-2016 17:39:52 UTC

Atomic Actions would be less exploitable if any player could take them over and finish them when they became abandoned (making all decisions and actions as if they were the Atomicking player), instead of being reverted. Even without dice, we’re going to hit situations where players get halfway through a complex Atomic and realise that they’ve overlooked something and would rather that none of it were applied.

I’d also be tempted to dial the hour down to “ten minutes”.

Policing trivial dice rolls sounds like a good idea.

Brendan: he/him

03-11-2016 17:41:26 UTC

I’m in favor of all of those modifications.