Friday, December 17, 2010

Dynasty theme discussion thread

Assuming that the DoV passes (and it’s only been a few hours so this may be presumptuous, but I’d want to keep things moving fairly slickly if it did), I have a couple of ideas for dynasties but nothing I’m devotedly wedded to. Anyone have anything they’d particularly like to see?

My two main ideas right now are: a post-revolutionary theme, in which BlogNomic is a country that has recently overthrown the shackles of colonial oppression only to fall under the rule of a thuggish and despotic strongman (i.e. me) - the players are intellectuals, artists and politicians trying to overthrow me and bring about a democratic transition (or an autocracy in their own name…)


A Rube Goldberg device-like dynasty based around lego bricks. I mostly like this because I like the idea of having the BlogNomic header in lego bricks.

But I’m very much open to suggestions.



17-12-2010 18:25:55 UTC

Since I first found out about the game, I immediately developed a strong yen for a game show theme dynasty, wherein the Emperor is the Host, everyone else are the contestants, and the game is a mix between The Running Man (what a terrible and lovely film, apparently also a book which I have never read), Double Dare, and Jeopardy.

Just my .02 since you asked.

Roujo: he/him

17-12-2010 19:31:37 UTC

Since you like Lego bricks, Minecraft, maybe? I have no idea how that would go, mind you. =P


17-12-2010 20:22:30 UTC

Lego theme sounds great. I could also propose a Formula 1 theme.


17-12-2010 20:44:44 UTC

All three sound like fun—I’d especially like to see the game show.


18-12-2010 15:36:27 UTC

Lego is a nice idea. Please no Minecraft though - it’ll end up like the DF and NetHack dynasty, except with less ASCII.


18-12-2010 15:47:24 UTC

Oh, and game show dynasty has already been done. First Dynasty of ais523.

redtara: they/them

18-12-2010 16:26:03 UTC

That was a reality TV dynasty, darth.

And I agree with Darth on Minecraft.


18-12-2010 17:40:23 UTC

Ien: Still rather close.

Josh: Announcer he/him

18-12-2010 18:52:03 UTC

I agree with Darth too. Dynasties based on computer games in general feels like a bad idea. I know they’ve worked in the past but I don’t like them that much.