Thursday, December 08, 2011

Proposal: Dynasty too grindy?  Here’s a Quick Fix

Timed out. 5-3. ~~Chronos Phaenon

Adminned at 09 Dec 2011 21:39:27 UTC

Add a new subroule to the rule “Routes”.  Call it “Overtime” and give it the following text:

An Overtime Route has a Scouting Cost of 9.  When a Driver Drives an Overtime route, if they have already driven an Overtime route since they last Requested Assignment, they gain 1 Cash.  Otherwise, they mark it as Blocked and then Drive every non-Blocked Route in their pool in their current order. (This does not let them Avoid Routes and does not count against how many times they can Drive in any given period.)  If a Route Driven during this effect adds or unblocks Routes in their pool, they do not Drive those Routes, although removing a Route or making it Blocked will prevent it from being Driven.


Now you can do all your grinding at once!  Note that this usually causes all their Blocked Routes to move to the front of their Pool as a side effect.



12-08-2011 01:39:01 UTC

For a minute there, I didn’t realize the Overtime route got blocked and thought it was horribly abusable (one might argue that a route is not “driven” until *after* its effect is applied. In this case, if the overtime route were not blocked, one would drive it again causing you to drive every non-blocked route. Repeat this until you have at 75+ cash, clean up everything but your scrubber and some highway routes and by five golden routes. Then hope the scrubber doesn’t come up in your top 5 so you can drive all five routes)

But as it is, this is just like—way over powered. It’s like a highway route on steroids. If you are lucky enough to be able to drive it after driving all your routes, you’re going to see some serious cash gain. So while I originally would’ve been FOR it to try and use the loophole, because it doesn’t exist I’ll vote against


12-08-2011 02:36:59 UTC

Clucky: Driving an inactive route does nothing except move it to the end of your list!


12-08-2011 03:05:29 UTC

Oh, I saw that as “it goes into effect” not “he drives it”. I guess I’ll switch my vote to for then


12-08-2011 03:30:50 UTC

for Though understandable, the description should be rephrased, in my opinion. For instance, “those Routes” could be interpreted as the Routes that add or unblock other Routes, and the “current order” could be changed by a Roundabout Route. What would then happen? Would the change in order take place after Driving all routes, of not at all?
Also I first thought Highway Routes would be a problem since they would somehow add routes but since Inactive Routes are to be driven as well, it’s ok.
What about Jam Routes? You could argue they change the order of the Routes by swaping a Thing-a-ma-jig Route and a Jam Route.

Also I don’t like that the description is so long and obscure, it gives me the feeling you are setting up loopholes I wouldn’t understand.
I would prefer something in the lines of “When a Driver Drives an Active Overtime Route [yes i think we should start adding active everywhere, as I commented on the cfj], they can ignore the time restrictions set upon Driving by the rule “Routes” until they have Driven once all their non-Blocked Routes”.

Prince Anduril:

12-08-2011 09:30:19 UTC


Soviet Brendon:

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12-08-2011 15:59:42 UTC

for Changes of policy: I’ll vote for anything that speeds this dynasty up


12-08-2011 17:31:41 UTC



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