Friday, March 30, 2007

Proposal: Earning DNA

8-2=Quorum. 12 hours.—Chronos

Adminned at 31 Mar 2007 06:12:43 UTC

Add a new rule called “Evolutionary Currency”

There exists an in game currency called “DNA Points”. DNA Points are tracked in the GNDT in a column called “DNA Points”.

DNA Points may only be earned in the following ways:

*Any time a proposal passes, the lifeform who authored the proposal receives 5 * A - 3 * B DNA points where A is the number of legal FOR votes cast on the proposal and B is the number of legal AGAINST votes. (IMP votes turned FOR count as FOR votes, of course, and IMP votes turned AGAINST count as AGAINST votes). Just like with proposals, only the final vote cast by each lifeform is used in this tally and the proposer is considered to have voted FOR eir own proposal..

*Any time a proposal passes, all other lifeforms who voted on the proposal (not including the lifeform who authored the proposal) receive Y DNA Points where Y is the total number of legal votes received by the proposal received by the proposal at the time it was enacted. Again, just like with proposals, only the final vote cast by each lifeform is used in this tally and the proposer is considered to have voted FOR eir own proposal.

*Any time a proposal passes, all non-idle lifeforms who did not vote on the proposal receive the lower of the two values:
*20% of whatever the lifeform who proposed the proposal earned.(Rounded down)
*Whatever any Lifeform who voted on the proposal earns.

*At 0:00 Monday Morning every lifeform receives 0.05 * Z DNA Points, rounded down, where Z is the number of DNA points currently possessed by said lifeform. No lifeform may receive more than 50 DNA points per week this way.


Add a sub rule to this rule called “The Gene Pool”

There exists a row in the GNDT called “The Gene Pool” which begins the game with 100 DNA points.

Any time a proposal passes, the Gene Pool receives 20% of whatever the lifeform which proposed the proposal earned or whatever a lifeform who voted on the proposal receives, whichever is a smaller value, rounded down. Additionally, the Gene Pool also receives the 0.05 * Z DNA points, rounded down, received by every other lifeform at the start of each week however, this value is capped at 25 DNA points.

New lifeforms DNA points are initialized at the value of however many DNA points are currently owned by the “The Gene Pool”.

Create said “DNA Points” column, Gene Pool row, and initialize all Lifeforms to 100 DNA Points.(Technically, first ‘The Gene Pool’ would get eir 100 and then everyone else would per that final paragraph).



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03-30-2007 17:58:39 UTC

against Also, could an Admin un-idle me please??? :-)


03-30-2007 18:41:59 UTC

Cosmologicon, I’ll unidle you in a moment (check the sidebar), but you’ll have to use the voting icon again to vote.

for although the descriptions of the reward to non-voters and to The Gene Pool should specify “non-author” voters.  I’ll propose a fix if I’ve got some time.

Also, the wording is ambiguous, but I assume that the weekly increase to The Gene Pool is meant to be 0.05 * (Gene Pool’s current DNA-P), with a maximum increase of 25?  The wording seems like it might be misinterpreted to mean that The Gene Pool gets a bonus corresponding to the increase that each Lifeform gets (and is unclear as to what exactly the maximum of 25 refers).


03-30-2007 18:59:42 UTC


Clucky: HE/HIM

03-30-2007 19:28:30 UTC

Good point, Hix. Thank you for catching that. I’ll be sure to propose a fix as soon as this passes. Last game was plagued by poorly written rules, and I would like to make sure that doesn’t happen this time around. =)


03-30-2007 19:29:35 UTC

against Thanks, Hix. I’m not sure that the Rules determine one way or another whether a vote can be made valid after the fact by un-idling (or, presumably, a vote being made invalid by idling). Maybe it should be cleared up? It seems like your interpretation makes it harder for the enacting Admin, doesn’t it?


03-30-2007 19:57:49 UTC

The idea is that “the Gamestate can only be altered as specified by the Ruleset”.  And whether a Lifeform has voted is part of the Gamestate.  And no rule allows you to vote when you’re idle.  Yeah, it can be slightly annoying for admins, but doesn’t come up very often.


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03-30-2007 20:51:12 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-30-2007 22:08:17 UTC

I don’t like tracking votes to game points, my apologies. This also seems to be a nuisance to track.



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03-31-2007 02:50:54 UTC

for And fix “votes received by the proposal received by the proposal at the time” when you enact this, if possible (since it should just be considered a grammar error, right?)