Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Proposal: Editors, Mark III

Failed 9-5—Rodlen

Adminned at 19 Mar 2009 18:30:17 UTC

Create a new rule, called “Editor Cuts”, with the following text:

At the time of posting of each new Act, the player or players with the highest positive Popularity are made Editors for that Act.  The Drawing Board shall include a list of that Act’s Editors.  An Editor may Cut one Scene from the Act for which he or she is Editor.


Deserves to happen, but giving it to admins is possibly a bad idea.



18-03-2009 01:20:10 UTC

for Make it so (Primarily because I think that I’m gonna win the vote)


18-03-2009 01:56:30 UTC



18-03-2009 02:40:52 UTC

Sure. for

Darknight: he/him

18-03-2009 04:24:09 UTC


arthexis: he/him

18-03-2009 06:11:19 UTC



18-03-2009 06:47:24 UTC



18-03-2009 06:47:26 UTC


Not because I don’t like the idea, but I think they should be a price for using that ability. Bodies wouldn’t work. Editors are universally unpopular, so maybe 1 popularity would be worth it.

Plus, using this ability means that the targeted player loses their turns body count. No unsignificant loss.

SingularByte: he/him

18-03-2009 09:06:43 UTC

What stops an editor from waiting until someone has almost won the popularity vote then cutting it? That way, nobody could get any popularity. Alternatively, they could cut their own scene to avoid losing popularity.  against

Kevan: he/him

18-03-2009 09:50:51 UTC



18-03-2009 13:54:46 UTC

imperial I’m not so certain that that sort of loophole is bad for the game, so I’ll defer on this one.


18-03-2009 15:14:01 UTC

Sure, it could be gamed easily, but in my opinion, we need a little game right now.  All these loopholes could easily be fixed, anyway.  That, or made an important part of players’ strategy.


18-03-2009 16:40:48 UTC

against I agree that there must be a price for using this ability, since it is quite harsh, after an act is finished, the editor can delete someone’s scene and remove their bodies, and if someone’s won the first act they will (assuming they don’t get voted worst) either have joint highest or highest pop after the second act also. perhaps a ‘-1 popularity’ from this effect would help balance it out, and prevent people from being editor twice in a row unless they write another astounding scene!


18-03-2009 20:02:14 UTC

against I’d rather not. We have the Continuity rule for a variety of cases (I’d happily extend that awful, dumb writing players take issue with is not a valid continuation of any Act).

Additionally, Popularity does not have enough variance, which could cause some ridiculous cases of many Editors, each of which can cut one scene!

Finally, I’d rather not alienate some players if this editing thing gets political, which it may do. Especially because there’s nothing saying you can’t Cut Scenes from Finished Acts, which is craaazy.

Enough reasons?


18-03-2009 20:43:05 UTC

CoV against

Devenger is very thorough.


19-03-2009 06:10:12 UTC

for Because this crazy screenplay needs some serious cuts~ though ultimately imperial because I like to defer… so that’s imperial