Monday, November 19, 2007

Einherjar Candidate: Bill Gates

Wikipedia on Bill Gates

Welcome to Valhalla, Bill…NOOOOOOO!!! MY EYES!! REMOVE THAT BSOD! NOW!

Gender: Male
Sanity: Sane
Honor: Honorable(if it passes)

High stats: Charisma, tinkering, scholasticism, combat(Blue Screen…of Death!)
Low stats: Mysticism, artistry



20-11-2007 00:37:03 UTC

Are you insinuating that the original Bill Gates is dead, and that the current chairman of Microsoft is some sort of robot zombie?


20-11-2007 00:41:59 UTC


Darknight: he/him

20-11-2007 01:31:49 UTC

whats wrong with the idea that we take the real living one and leave a clone lol


20-11-2007 02:13:00 UTC

As a civilian with no particular training or experience in combat, this guy should have a significantly negative combat score.  But I’ll grant you that the “Blue Screen…of Death!” should count for something, so I’ll “upgrade” his combat score to zero.