Thursday, April 27, 2017

Story Post: Eleventh Player Auction: Daniel Diaz

Name: Daniel Diaz
Level: 11; Brains 6 Brawn 6 Balls 7
Favorite Fruit: Orange
Country: Santa María
Bio: An avid fisherman. Naturally, has a preference for blogging with Fresh Trout.



27-04-2017 17:32:07 UTC

I bid $5,000

arthexis: he/him

27-04-2017 18:47:45 UTC

I bid $50000


27-04-2017 19:36:47 UTC

I bid $80,000


27-04-2017 20:20:08 UTC

Sidebar: thoughts on increasing auction frequency? Stay the same? Decrease?


27-04-2017 20:25:10 UTC

I have a feeling some people are waiting until nobody else or less people can bid. Increasing auctions may help since we need 27 more players at least before everyone has a full team.


29-04-2017 12:48:48 UTC

Given the DoV, I’ll keep this and the following two auctions open until 60 hours past their post date so that they are unambiguously “open” for 48 total hours.


30-04-2017 11:26:45 UTC

This auction is now closed; card employs Daniel for $80,000.