Friday, September 30, 2005

Call for Judgment: Emigration, Part 1: DICE rolling

4-4.  After four days, not more than half the votes are for. Failed by Excalabur.

Adminned at 03 Oct 2005 23:57:00 UTC

The text of the hostile takeover rule regarding emigration reads:

Emigration - The native population gives up and many of the population emigrates to neighboring territories. The Territory loses DICEW population, where W is the native population amount. All adjacent Territories gain native population of DICEW / N rounded up, where N is the number of Territories adjacent to that Territory.

The prevailing interpretation up until now has been that DICEW is rolled once and then divided by N for the number gained by adjacent territories.  Vote AGAINST this CfJ if you agree with this interpretation.

However, the other possibility is that DICEW is rolled twice, once for the population loss and once for the population gained in adjacent territories.  Vote FOR this CfJ if you agree with this interpretation.  If this CfJ passes, restore Purplebeard’s Hostile Takeover to the way it was before Excalabur corrected it.  Furthermore, for each Hostile Takeover that has been processed, correct the handling of Emigration to follow this method. 




09-30-2005 11:57:38 UTC



09-30-2005 12:16:32 UTC

for I didn’t notice this before in Hostile Takeover. DICEW would indicate a new roll to me.


09-30-2005 13:13:48 UTC



09-30-2005 16:40:24 UTC

Oh, yet one more thing to fix in a rewrite of this rule.


09-30-2005 19:41:35 UTC

for DICEW indeed indicates a new roll. I knew it wasn’t meant this way, but I complied with the written rules nonetheless.


09-30-2005 20:42:22 UTC

against I Interpret the use of different letters as indicating the different rolls: one per step. 

It also makes more sense, which I’m an advocate of using on occasion


10-01-2005 20:34:16 UTC



10-03-2005 16:52:31 UTC

for the wording needs to be amended